At SheaLuxCo LLC. I know things happen and nothing is perfect. As a chandler I strive to create the SAFEST products for my consumers. However, even with rigorous testing nothing or no one is perfect. So, here are some unexpected candle scenarios that we/you can run into with a candle. Hopefully this will help!

"I notice a black smoke coming from my candle, and the flame is high. What do I do"?.... IMMEDIATELY blow out candle. Use nail trimmers if possible to trim the wick. If you have a Wooden Wick Candle, you want to make sure to remove ALL of the blackened wood from the wick before relighting your candle each time. 

" Do I have to trim my wick every time before lighting"?....Yes! Trimming the wick ensures the candle will keep a low and safe flame. Lighting an untrimmed wick, particularly for wooden wicks can cause high flames, soot, and/or smoke. 

"I like to smell my candles all day. Can I keep my candle lit all day long"?...The recommended burn time for a candle is in intervals of 2-3 hours. Do not leave your candle unattended, or burning for longer than 3 hours. If you like an aromatic experience that you can smell all day long, I recommend purchasing a wax melt. They have a stronger smell that lasts for a longer amount of time. 

Any questions feel free to send me a mesasge:)